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A new era has arrived !

The 3D Printed Fountain Pen Nib *

Leading experts in aerospace confirm: 3D printing is here to stay. It creates tangible parts based on digital information, layer by layer, enabling engineers to produce highly complex shapes, including metal parts, in a very direct manner.

And there is the TypeONE, an affordable 3D printed fountain pen that is equipped with the world’s first 3D printed titanium nib*, a creation of Dutch designer and technologist Rein van der Mast. He came up with the world’s first 3D printed fountain pen in 2013, followed by this totally unique nib in 2016.

TypeONE_0.jpg TypeONE (Black, Silver Grey, display; dots are carmine red), Rein van der Mast for 3Dimensions

Although new technologies are applied, the pen's creation comes from craftsmanship. Even though most tools have become digital, they still have to be guided by human hands. In addition, the finishing and adjustment of the 3D printed nib is done manually and with great care. Find out more about 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing at Metal AM.

Several fountain pen collectors already confirmed that the nib is very pleasant to write with. Both the slit, that is included in the 3D print, as well as the raised edges along the slit help to evenly and reliably distribute the ink. The approach towards nib manufacturing is game-changing.

The other visible parts are carefully designed and 3D printed in durable, strong plastics. The pen (total weight 30 grams) comes in two versions: Black and Silver Grey (made of plastic filled with very small aluminum particles for a modest sparkling effect). The nib in three: fine, medium and wide.

For collectors, a 3D printed display is available. It consists of a non-uniform 3D lattice structure and is also 3D printed.

3Dimensions-TyeONE-sizes.jpg TypeONE sizes

To emphasize the small-series-character of the 3D printing manufacturing process only 99 pieces of both versions will be made, a limited edition for progressive pen enthusiasts as well as seasoned collectors.

Later on more designs will accompany the TypeONE, all based on the special characteristics of 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing.

Manufacturing the titanium nib by 3D printing Manufacturing the titanium nib by 3D printing

The TypeONE is brought to the market by 3Dimensions.

For inquiries and media resources, please contact Rein van der Mast of Pjotr Pens.

Customization is optional.
*) Patent pending

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